The laboratories are designed to encourage & kindle curiosity of the students. The labs are equipped with the latest equipments and modern apparatus. Each lab is well ventilated and provides enough working area for the learners and storage.

Special care has been given to the safety aspects in the labs. All experiments are conducted by the students under the guidance of the trained staff. The labs ensure that children understand & appreciate the power of exploration & verification and develop a scientific temperament.

Physics Lab : Technology advanced and fitted with all the best and latest equipments, Physics lab provides a platform for the budding physicist and aspiring Einstein’s, to not only conduct practical incorporated in syllabus but also seek answers to their inquisitiveness. We appreciate the able assistance and guidance of our teachers and lab assistant who support the children through out their work.

Chemistry Lab: Equipped with all the modern amenities, Chemistry lab assists the students in simplifying the complex chemical reactions, equations and catalysts. Students are given liberty and space to practically clear their ‘chemical’ doubts and our experienced teachers make sure that no mishap results in this active participation of the students.

Biology Lab: Powerful microscopes, permanent slides and large number of fixed and mobile biological models, museum specimen of diverse flora and fauna, our Bio Lab is an apt ambience for exploring minds. The minute intricacies of life are revealed to the inquisitive minds of the students, under the expert guidance of our mentors.


In present technological world, today’s tech savvy generation, prefer to march ahead not on ‘Wheels’ but on ‘Wings’. Keeping this in mind, Mayurians are provided with a separate junior and senior computer labs, having more than 50 computers of latest configuration. Advanced latest multimedia computers with audio-visuals aids, are made available to the students in 1:1 ratio in air-conditioned spacious labs. The expertise of the subject help the curious children in learning nuances of Computer Science.


Good communication skills are necessary to excel in any sphere of life.  Hence it is imperative for any learner to have a good command over language with accuracy and clarity. To achieve this goal for our students, English Language Lab has been upgraded further.  This enables them to develop and improve their reading, listening and speaking skills and the teacher can monitor their progress on day-today basis. The introduction of English lab has made the traditional theoretical subject more interesting & fun oriented. It provides the students with interactive learning experience and also enables them to evaluate their potential in the subject online, thus they can make further improvement.

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